Personalised Gift Ideas For All Occasions

There’s nothing quite like receiving a personalised gift. It feels so much more special than something bought off the shelf and is sure to be treasured for years to come. At Personalised Teddy Bears we have personalised gift ideas for every occasion. We receive so many stories about how our personalised gifts were absolutely adored by the receiver and were the stand-out gift of the party or event they attended. Best of all, we’ve saved more than a couple of our customers from the old “duplicate gift” mishap that never stops being awkward!

If you’re ever stuck for a gift idea that’s unique, memorable and made with love, Personalised Teddy Bears has the solution. Whether you’re welcoming a newborn, or need something extra special for a baby shower, Christening, birthday, get well soon or even a wedding, take a look around our site and you’re sure to find the perfect gift idea — we have a huge selection of teddy bears and hundreds of designs to choose from!

The process is simple. Simply choose your favourite teddy bear or plush toy, then create your own custom embroidered jumper (or tummy, depending on the teddy). We do the embroidery ourselves in Melbourne, Australia, so you know your teddy will be treated with care, completed quickly and then sent directly to your door. To make things even easier, we also accept Afterpay so you can order your teddy in time, even if you’re waiting for pay day. Overwhelmed by all the choice? Chat with us on Facebook or send us a message and we’ll work with you to design the perfect gift.